Uttar Pradesh: ITM Gorakhpur Students Invent Artificial Intelligence-Based ‘Firing Helmet’ for Soldiers, Policemen

Uttar Pradesh: ITM Gorakhpur Students Invent Artificial Intelligence-Based ‘Firing Helmet’ for Soldiers, Policemen

Gorakhpur, December 4: The students at the Institute of Technology and Management (ITM) in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur have invented a special Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based firing helmet for the defence and security personnel.

According to the Director of the college, the AI-based firing helmet has a GPS tracker and it can send photos and videos to the base or control room. One of the students involved with the project claimed the helmet will also help track if any soldier lost contact. Uttar Pradesh Government Announces New Electric Vehicle Policy 2022 To Attract Investments, Promote Faster EV Adoption in State.

“It is an AI-based firing helmet for soldiers that has a GPS tracker. It can send videos and photos to the control room. It can also fire in all directions within a set range,” Director of ITM College NK Singh. The smart helmet was invented by the students of Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) and Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) and the model has been named ‘AI Based Automatic Firing Helmet’.

“We have made this helmet to protect our jawans and policemen. Its purpose is to track the soldiers with whom it gets difficult to connect as they get stuck in border areas during the landslide and snowfall,” said a student Pratima Goswami. Goswami explained that a helmet, barrel, transmitter, receiver, bullet, HD portable DVR, battery, solar panel, remote, indicator, and trigger has been used for this model. Uttar Pradesh Government to Develop 23 Bus Stations with Modern Facilities.

“We have converted the barrel into an electric gun which can load three to four bullets at a time, that can be fired one-by-one using the trigger on the helmet. “This electric gun can be rotated 360 degrees as per the requirement and thus the user can shoot in any direction. “With the HD Portable DVR, the surrounding footage can be recorded and shared with the senior officers, so necessary actions can be pre-empted based on threat perception,” another student Ankita said.

“We have used a transmitter for sending signals to the senior officers and the receiver can then capture the signal to track the location of the soldier. “The Indicator fitted in the helmet would give a continuous red signal which will turn green as it comes closer to the receiver end,” Ankita added.

Goswami said they have also used an HD portable device which can capture live videos and can also know about the location from where the command has been executed.

The installed transmitter will inform if landslide has occurred at the site where the person wearing the helmet was. “It can also fire bullets with the help of a button and the police can also use it like a chili bomb to control the crowd,” Pratima Goswami also said, adding that this helmet can be made in a more advanced form.

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