Uttar Pradesh Shocker: Minor Detained for Poisoning Family, Arrested

Prayagraj (UP), Aug 12 (IANS) In a shocking incident, a minor girl has been detained for allegedly mixing a chemical weed killer, known as weedicide, in the food cooked for her family.

The food claimed the lives of three of her family members including the father, younger sister and elder brother last week.

UP Shocker: Irked Over Scolding by Mother and Brother, Girl Mixes Poison in Food To ‘Punish’ Family; Arrested.

The police said that the 15-year-old girl had mixed weedicides into food to ‘punish’ her brother and mother who used to rebuke and scold her over household chores.

Deputy SP (Soraon) Amita Singh told reporters, “Investigations into the food poisoning incident where three family members died between August 4 and 8 reveal that a minor girl of the house had plotted the killing of family members.”

The mother of the accused girl had lodged an FIR against her daughter under section 302 of the IPC with Holagarh police, accusing her of killing three family members and also stealing household items when they were admitted to hospital.

According to police reports, the girl had mixed pesticides into food on July 28 and soon after, five of the family members became seriously ill.

The accused girl had not consumed the vegetable laced with weedicide and ate pickle and rice instead.

Four members of the family including the father, mother, elder brother and younger sister were admitted to separate hospitals for treatment.

The police came to know about the incident only after the village pradhan informed them about the suspected death of the father on August 4.

The girl’s brother Rachit, 16, and sister Ankita, 6, died on August 8 during the treatment.

Police, meanwhile, became suspicious over the girl’s attitude and started probing the case thoroughly.

Police said that the minor girl had taken the extreme step to plot the killing of her family members after being irked over her mother and brother’s routine rebuking and thrashing episodes.

After the death of three family members, only two members including the accused minor girl and her mother, Geeta, survived.

During interrogation, the minor girl admitted to having mixed weedicide with food as she wanted to ‘punish’ her brother and mother for scolding her. Two of the domestic goats also died after they too were served the vegetable laced with weedicide.

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