Video: 10-Foot-Long King Cobra Travels in Car for Over 200 KM in Kerala; Snake Rescued by Wildlife Personnel

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Kottayam, August 31: A king cobra travelled in a car for over 200 km and lived in its engine bay for a week before being finally rescued by wildlife personnel in Kerala, according to the vehicle owner.

The incident was reported from Arpookara here. The forest officials rescued the 10-foot-long snake from the compound of an individual here on Wednesday, and said they would release it in a safe place later. Giant Python on Truck! 15 Feet-Long Python Travels From Madhya Pradesh to Uttar Pradesh, Watch Viral Snake Video.

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The venomous reptile was believed to have crawled into the car of Sujith, a resident of Arpookara, from Malappuram when he went there on August 2.

He said some local people had told him that the snake was seen getting into his car when it was parked near a check-post at Vazhikadavu there. But, he could not find the unwelcome guest, he said.

A sense of anxiety gripped him and his family as they came across a snake skin (probably the reptile moulted) that was found hanging out of the car on Sunday. Again a thorough check of the car was made, but the creepy crawler was not spotted.

Instead, it was found in the compound of a house, 500 km away from his house this morning. As the neighbours were also aware about the doubt shared by Sujith about the suspected presence of the snake in his car, they informed him soon, who in turn alerted the wildlife personnel.

The presence of the snake in a place where king cobras are not normally seen caused curiosity and concern among local residents. The forest officials also said it may have reached here safely under the vehicle. It was shifted to the forest office later and would be released in a safe place, they added.

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