Virtual reality expert tells what sex will be like in 10 years: the metaverse and technology will make it real


In a prediction that is sure to make some blush, Sam Hall, the mastermind behind Mixed Reality Rooms, tells how “metaverse sex” could become more common than expected and leave classic adult sites and apps behind in the next decade.

Although the idea of ​​having intimate encounters in a virtual world may sound like a science fiction movie, Hall maintains that, in the end, convenience and ease always win, just as it did with dating apps.

“Immersive experiences are compelling, they simulate images exceptionally well, and when combined with haptic technology, such as sex toys that respond to stimuli and produce physical results, they will provide an experience close enough to the real thing,” says Hall.

Think about the next 10 years and imagine people from all corners using virtual reality glasses to avoid the effort and risks of human contact. In addition, haptic technology, which allows you, thanks to technological devices, to have sensations, whether physical or even perceive smells, will play a leading role.

“Do I think this is good for us as humans? No, but at the same time sex is a basic human desire and people will need an outlet to express themselves.”

But here comes the striking thing: according to Hall, the mix of these glasses with connected sex toys will be the key. As technology advances, These toys will not only give you visual pleasure, but will respond to your touches and movements, taking the experience to another level.

Dream of a multi-sensory “metaverse sex”, where you can smell and feel every detail. Does it sound like a science fiction movie? Well, there is already a Swedish device launched last year that already emits odors during virtual reality games.

Or even the famous virtual reality jacket from a Spanish company that allows you to feel wounds in the abdomen, stings or punches. In this case, Future haptic devices for pleasure may not be so aggressive.

“We believe the future of metaverse sex will be a combination of virtual reality headsets combined with sex toys that can be linked using technology that already exists, such as Bluetooth, to help create a fully immersive experience,” he says.

Hall believes this innovation will make virtual sex the norm in technologically advanced countries.. In addition, he assures that it could favor those who have difficulties finding a partner in real life and who are more ashamed when it comes to establishing relationships with other people, as happens, without going any further, in Japan or Asian cultures in general.

“They can be whoever they want to be in these virtual worlds and, in theory, there will be no limit to the experiences they can enjoy,” he says. “People are already using online multiplayer games and simulations that replicate sex virtually with their partners and with strangers,” she adds.

If all this has sounded like a little to you, comment that not only will it change where and how, but also who participates. As he explains, the metaverse will be the place to fulfill your fantasies, whether in private, in public or even in front of a virtual audience. However, he also wants to get you off the hook with an important ethical reminder: privacy and consent remain a priority.

“The metaverse has no limits and will allow people to live out all their sexual fantasies.” Although this all sounds like a futuristic movie, it is realistic: this is not going to happen overnight. Although there are already people looking for love in the metaverse, The full integration of virtual reality, the metaverse and sex toys is still in its infancy.