What is an edge router and why you probably already have one at home

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Currently, Routers are an essential piece in any home. Without them, you would have practically no Internet connection and you would be cut off.

However, with the increasing popularity of smart devices such as speakers, thermostats, and locks, to name just a few, routers have become a necessity to ensure smooth and secure connectivity.

In this sense, the edge router emerges as a key piece, acting as the bridge between your home devices and the WiFi network, allowing perfect communication throughout your home.

What exactly is an edge router?

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The edge routerespecially those based on the mesh network protocol, are devices that play a crucial role in the fabric of your home.

Basically, They connect to the WiFi network and, in turn, connect to the network of your devicessuch as mobile phones, Smart TVs, smart speakers, etc. This allows devices that communicate over a specific network protocol to communicate with each other seamlessly.

Although the standard matter has been on everyone’s lips in recent years, the magic behind seamless connectivity in your smart home is done through the edge router.

The fascinating thing about this technology is that you could have it in your home without knowing it. It should be noted that many popular home devices already incorporate the feature, eliminating the need to purchase equipment with these features.

For example, the Apple TV 4K, the Apple HomePod mini, the Amazon Echo speakers, the Amazon eero Mesh line, the Nanoleaf light honeycombs and the Nest Hub Max, as well as the Nest Hub, are examples of products that are already part of the edge router revolution.

So, if you are wondering if you need to purchase a router with these characteristics to connect all your devices, the answer is probably a resounding no.

The smart home industry is committed to supporting Matter technology and integrating it into existing devices, so it promises to work seamlessly regardless of the network protocol they use and the operating system they run.

In this way, if you have a Google speaker, you can enjoy its use not only through applications designed by Google, but also from the platforms of Apple, Samsung, LG and other brands.