WhatsApp Introduces New Feature To Allow Users To Respond to Messages With Their Favourite Emoji

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Washington, July 13: In comparison to Messenger, which is also owned by Meta, WhatsApp took a very long time to implement emoji reactions, and it finally released this capability recently, much to the delight of users worldwide. According to GSM Arena, there was one issue, you only had six options, which were pre-selected by WhatsApp developers.

This was undoubtedly a positive step forward, but many users desired more. And WhatsApp delivers today, as you can now respond with any emoji you want. This is obviously a minor addition to what is still a relatively new feature, but we anticipate that many of you will enjoy it. WhatsApp Introduces Emoji Reactions for All Users.

As is customary with such things, the feature may take a few days to reach all Android and iOS devices that use WhatsApp, but rest assured that it is finally on its way.

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