Whitney Peak on Gossip Girl Reboot: I’m So Excited for the Audience to Be Caught off Guard

Actress Whitney Peak, who will be seen in the Gossip Girl extension series says she is keen to know of fan reaction once the show drops. “We haven’t even finished filming the show yet and there’s already so much media attention and such a huge fandom. Everybody has something to say about it, and I can’t add to the conversation. It’s kind of overwhelming. But I’m so excited for the audience to be caught off guard,” Whitney told Wonderland Magazine. Gossip Girl Reboot Cast Opens Up About How Different the HBO Max Revival Show is From the Original.

The 18-year-old actress, who has graced the cover of the magazine recalls her audition for the popular show and reveals that she never thought she would get through. “I, 100 per cent, was prepared for the project to fall through, because it happens. Gossip Girl Reboot: New Characters of the Drama Series Introduced! We Wonder Who Will Be the ‘Serena and Blair’ Duo This Season.

And not only that, I just didn’t even believe any of it was real because it was happening so fast, because it happened off the back of one video audition. I was sure someone else was going to come along and take the part from me,” she recalled.

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