Why Consulting a Nutritionist Is Important in a Weight Loss Journey, Explains Nutritionist Nicky Sagar

Why Consulting a Nutritionist Is Important in a Weight Loss Journey, Explains Nutritionist Nicky Sagar

We all dream of being in shape and being fit and fine always. But our erratic lifestyle and consumption of fast food often lead us to unnecessary weight gain. And that’s when we all think of shedding those extra kilos from our bodies. But losing weight is not an easy journey.

However, with proper guidance and consultation from a nutritionist, your weight loss will not just be smoother but super effective. If you wish to see quick and long-lasting results it is very important to consult a nutritionist who will direct, you on the right path in your weight loss journey. An expert’s recommendations always come in handy so that you can achieve your goal in the most effective way possible.

Nutritionist Nicky Sagar is an Internationally Certified Nutritionist from ISSA who has helped more than 12k women in India in their weight loss journey. As a fitness enthusiast, Nicky believes that maintaining your weight is very important to prevent diseases and complications in our old age. But people often have certain misconceptions and start following whatever is available on the internet to lose weight without knowing the consequences. Following a diet without consulting a nutritionist blindly may have a severe impact on your health.

Nicky Sagar, who is on her own of educating and empowering India’s women in their fitness journey, shares the importance of consulting a nutritionist during your weight loss journey.

●     Provides your guided steps

Just cutting down on sugar and fried food is not enough if you wish to see your desired weight. A nutritionist helps in charting out a proper diet plan according to your body weight and body type. They give you the right time of consuming your food, when to exercise and how to exercise to maximize your results. Their step-by-step procedure makes the weight loss a lot easier.

●     Busts your myth about weight loss

Nutritionists are experts who are licensed and registered, and they are aware of the logic and science behind your weight gain. They will never give you temporary suggestions which may have a massive impact on your body later. Rather with their experience and expertise, they will bust your myths about weight loss and provide you with fruitful guidance.

●     Planned diet

Nutritionists spend a lot of time with the clients to understand their body type, food consumption pattern, and what is suitable for their body. After their research, they come up with a customized diet plan for the client that is meant for them particularly. The customized diet plans you achieve your desired weight in a systematic manner. They provide healthy snack options to what can you eat on your day so that you get to see the results as soon as possible. Since their diet is completely planned and personalized it does not have any negative effect on your health.

●     Boosts you in your

Sticking to your weight loss is a huge commitment. Often people give up due to the lifestyle changes, and diet changes they have to incorporate into their daily routine. But a nutritionist is not just your diet consultant, they are also a motivator in your life. They give you constant physical and mental support and encouragement to boost your self-esteem.

Nicky Sagar has realized the importance of staying fit and that’s what wants to convey to all women. Her personalized diet plans are easy to follow and home-based so that everyone can access them. She provides diet plans for weight management including PCOD/PCOS management. Nicky is determined to make every woman the healthiest version of themselves.