Why the Music Industry’s Top Artists Swear by Diemond Star’s Ground-Breaking Drumsticks

M And since the dawn of time, it has been man’s attempt to preserve music against the seasons and to create an altar where it can be worshipped. That altar has taken the form of a myriad of instruments, and among them, drums reign supreme. Diemond Star, a company dedicated to helping artists “play the feeling” with the help of their ground-breaking drumsticks, hopes to imbue sounds with the essence of life. And the consumers, the artists can’t be happier.

Diemond Star is committed to creating drumsticks that solve a common problem among drummerswrist and hand fatigue. To do this, they make their drumsticks with premium American hickory that is excellent at absorbing shock. Their avid consumers, musicians from different walks of life, swear by their drumsticks as they improve not only the quality of the sound their drums produce when the sticks make an impact but also how these durable, shock-absorbing drumsticks allow musicians to practice long hours. One of their enthusiasts says, “Diemond Star creates drumsticks for musicians. They don’t do it to make more sales. I bought their 6A, and I have to say that it’s been a sheer delight to use them to explore and expand my technique and quality as a drummer.”

Diemond Star drumsticks are precision-engineered, pitch-paired, and weight-matched. These qualities make them more versatile and greatly impact the balance that musicians pine for the most. Their stick types are 7A, 6A, 5A, 3A, 5B, 2B, and ROCK, and have captured the imagination of musicians both young and experienced. Another fan gushes, “Their drumsticks have taken my drumming game to another level. I can play longer, and because of more practice, I can also play better than before. They have instilled in me a sense of confidence that I find most useful when I am improvising and when I am performing on stage.”

With the help of better quality wood and technology, Diemond Star is set to drum its way into the hearts of its fans and consumers.

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