World Emoji Day 2022 Date & Significance: Fun Ways To Celebrate This Annual Unofficial Holiday Dedicated to Emojis! | ?? Fresh Headline

World Emoji Day 2022 Date & Significance: Fun Ways To Celebrate This Annual Unofficial Holiday Dedicated to Emojis! | ?? LatestLY

World Emoji Day is an unofficial holiday dedicated to innovation that has served as a reliable conversation starter, conversation closer, and given us appropriate reactions to the most inappropriate texts – emojis. World Emoji Day 2022 will be observed on July 17. This annual observance is especially enjoyed by people online, whose lives have only been made better with the innovation of emojis. From when we used our artistic skills with the keyboard to make unique smiley faces to now having the options to customise different types of smiles and even the evolution of avatars, we have come a long way. And anyone with a social media or digital presence will agree that emojis have played a crucial role in this journey. And as we prepare to celebrate World Emoji Day 2022, here is everything you need to know about this day.

When is World Emoji Day 2022?

World Emoji Day 2022 falls on July 17. The celebration of World Emoji Day is credited to Jeremy Burge – the founder of Emojipedia. It is believed that this site was created on July 17, and the celebration is dedicated to this repository of emojis.

Significance of July 17

It is important to note that the day – July 17 – also has immense significance in the world of technology. The date initially referred to the day Apple premiered its iCal calendar application in 2002. The day, July 17, was displayed on the Apple Color Emoji version of the calendar emoji as an Easter egg. In fact, in 2016, Google changed the appearance of the Unicode character U+1F4C5 CALENDAR to display on July 17 on Android, Gmail, Hangouts as well as Chrome OS products.

There are various ways to celebrate World Emoji Day: pay an ode to the emojis that always serve you in multiple conversations. From sharing fun facts about commonly misread emojis (it is a hi-five guy, not namaste) to playing several emoji games that are so popular online, there are multiple things to do. Here’s hoping you never fall short of emojis to respond to every text; Happy World Emoji Day 2022!

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