World Music Day 2022: Five Songs To Give You an Adrenalin Rush for Your Workout

World Music Day 2022: Five Songs To Give You an Adrenalin Rush for Your Workout

World Music Day is observed every year on June 21. It is an annual celebration of music and is also known as Make Music Day, Music Day or Fete De La Musique. World Music Day 2022 HOTTEST Songs: 5 Most Romantic Musical Tracks To Get Your Partner in the Mood Instantly! (Watch Videos). Music is our best friend for all kinds of emotions. We all love to listen to music when we drive when we are happy, excited or sad. In fact, it is the best company when one exercise, be it in the gym or outdoor. As you celebrate World Music Day 2022, we at Fresh Headline, have curated a list of songs that would give you a pump as you hit out for your workout next time. Best Music, Songs to Perform Yogasanas to This International Day of Yoga

1. “Can’t Be Touched” by Roy Jones Jr.

The lyrics and the beats of this song are amazing to have a kick-start workout. This decade-old song still is one amongst today’s playlists of almost all the fitness freaks.

2. “I Like It” by Cardi B feat J Balvin and Bad Bunny

Cardi B’s lyrics ‘I run this shit like cardio’ are perfect to give you the pump to start an energetic workout. It is good for a group class like Zumba or even when working out alone and taking your heart rate high with some burpees.

3. “Raising Hell” by Kesha feat Big Freedia

With a bouncing bass, Raising Hell is one hell of a song to enjoy during an HIIT workout. If you love to work out alone, then this song has to be on repeat on your playlist to give you the perfect boost.

4. “Don’t Stop the Music” by Rihanna

Though this song was released in 2007 but still plays on repeat at many parties and clubs. There is something about the strong and powerful bass of the song that gives a push to the adrenalin levels.

5. Survivor by Destiny’s

When you are almost about to faint with an intense workout, this song is surely going to help you reach the end of your workout. The hard-hitting lyrics and the music are surely going to lift you up once you are about to drop after the workout. Exercise and music go hand in hand. A good workout is always accompanied by a playlist full of songs with some hard-hitting beats. Even during a group class at the gym, if the music doesn’t excite you then you fail to find interest in the class. Try out our list of some amazing music collections for your workout as you celebrate World Music Day 2022. Wishing everyone Happy World Music Day 2022!

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