SUV driver pierced by iron rod after road accident in Patna

Patna, March 10 (IANS) An SUV driver was seriously injured after the speeding vehicle overturned in Atal Path here on Sunday evening, police said.

The SUV crashed with the divider and an iron rod pierced the windshield and the driver’s body.

The accident occurred near the water tank footover bridge around 8 p.m. and the impact of the accident was so massive that the vehicle was completely mangled. The police said that they were trying to identify the victim, who was unable to speak. Gas cutters were being used to cut the iron bar and pull him out.

On February 15, another SUV rammed a bike rider and ended up crashing the divider on the same road. The SUV driver was seriously injured after an iron bar pierced his chest. The bike rider was killed.




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