Adam Driver Birthday Special: From Killing Snoke to His Redemption, 5 Best Scenes of the Star as Kylo Ren From the ‘Star Wars’ Sequel Trilogy!

Adam Driver Birthday Special: From Killing Snoke to His Redemption, 5 Best Scenes of the Star as Kylo Ren From the ‘Star Wars’ Sequel Trilogy!

Adam Driver is an actor who is shown to have some major acting chops over the last few years. A man who keeps on putting out roles that would seem extremely complicated on paper, he has successfully made a career that is filled with diverse performances that have always pushed the boundaries. From Marriage Story to BlacKKKlansman, Driver is one talented guy. However, while those roles have always been a highlight, we still can’t ignore his turn as Kylo Ren. Adam Driver Birthday Special: From Star Wars The Force Awakens to Marriage Story, 5 of the Kylo Ren Actor’s Best Films According to IMDb.

Playing the main antagonist of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, many argue that Driver’s turn as Kylo Ren/Ben Solo was the best part about those films. Portraying the son of Princess Leia and Han Solo and the nephew of Luke Skywalker who had turned to the dark side, Ren surely was a complicated character. So, to celebrate Adam Driver’s 39th birthday, lets take a look at five of his best moments as Kylo Ren.

Killing Han Solo (Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens)

In one of the most heart-breaking moments of the franchise; when attacking the Starkiller base, Han meets Ben for the first time in a very long time. Confronting his son, he thinks he can have a heart-to-heart with him; however, things don’t go accordingly as a regretful Kylo stabs Han with his lightsaber. Not feeling the pull to the light, Kylo now belongs to the dark side.

Throne Room (Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi)

Tired of Snoke puppeteering him around, Kylo has had enough. Bringing Rey to his throne room where Snoke commands Kylo to execute her, he subverts expectations and ends up cutting the Supreme Leader in half. Leading to an epic duel that saw him team up with Rey, this is certainly one of the sequel trilogies best moments.

The Duality (Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi)

Right after the throne room duel, we see Rey and Kylo have a talk about doing the right thing. With Kylo wanting her to join the First Order so that they can both rule the galaxy together, and Rey refusing; Driver and Daisy Ridley put on great performances here.

Stopping Poe’s Blaster Bolt (Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens)

In a really intimidating opening, Kylo showcased just what he is capable of. When trying to search for a piece of map that leads to Luke Skywalker, Kylo is attacked by Poe as he stops his blaster bolt mid-air. It was the perfect showcase of power and established Kylo as a force to be reckoned with.

Redemption (Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker)

The fact that how they were able to get Harrison Ford back for one final scene still remains a mystery, but this moment is all the better for it. After the passing of Leia and a duel with Rey, Kylo sees a vision of his father come up to him and have one final conversation. Finally realising that the dark side has been corrupting him, he throws away his lightsaber. Adam Driver Birthday Special: From Adam Sackler to Kylo Ren, 7 Roles That Endeared This Hollywood Hunk to Us (Fresh Headline Exclusive).

Say whatever you want about the sequel trilogy, you can’t deny that Adam Driver gave one hell of a performance. With this, we finish off the list and wish him a very happy birthday.

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