Cam Chen: Authentic Content for the TikTok Generation

Cam’s experience on TikTok has been anything but usual. What started as a page to highlight some of the negative social consequences of the covid-19 pandemic has now transformed into a much more diverse content strategy that brings together humor and educational content.

As the pandemic raged on, shedding light on the anger and frustration felt by Americans started to feel like it was perpetuating negativity, potentially doing more harm than good. In some cases, it was important to highlight some of the absurdities of anti-maskers, but over time the benefits of this felt more and more scarce.

Ultimately Cam decided a change of pace was needed and set out to share stories with his audience that he could educate them or brighten their day. Whether that’s crazy stories about celebrities, facts about US presidents, or highlighting current events like the Texas snowpocalypse.

Cam’s goal is not to conform to a specific niche but create authentic content that bridges the gap between his own diverse set of interests and those of his audience. @cammsays is committed to striking a truly unique balance of content.

Inspirations of the person

Cam’s inspiration comes from many of the old-school prolific content creators he watched on YouTube like KevJumba, NigaHiga, and Swoozie. He admired their unique styles, personalities, and storytelling abilities.


On @cammsays he hopes to be able to showcase his own personality within the stories and content he creates and curates for his followers.

Additionally, a lot of his inspiration comes from his affinity as a sports fan. He grew up with his eyes glued to Sportscenter every morning and was always engrossed in 30 for 30 stories. On top of that Cam considers himself a bit of a pop culture junkie, and loves deeper analysis behind his favorite movies, TV shows, song lyrics.

 On his channel, he hopes to be able to dig deeper and continue to be a better storyteller with more “unknown” stories, funny moments, and classic stories.

 What are his future plans

Unlike other creators that build an audience on TikTok just to move them over to YouTube, Cam is fully committed to creating TikTok-first content for the long term. He strongly believes that TikTok and short videos are the future of entertainment and content consumption online.

He loves the community that TikTok fosters, and the regular interactions he has with his fans on the platform.

Over time he plans to double down on his pace of creation and dedicate more time to put out content even faster. He hopes to be able to create two to three pieces of content a day over the coming months.

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