Exciting Prepaid Plans: Airtel, Jio and Vi are offering very cheap prepaid plans with one year validity, View details

Best Prepaid Plan : All three major private telecom players, Airtel, Jio and Vi, offer recharge plans with year-long validity in India.

Prepaid users enjoy flexibility and freedom compared to those using postpaid connections, as they can choose from a wide range of subscription plans. These plans offer different durations, including monthly, quarterly and yearly options, each packed with different benefits in terms of data, SMS and calling services.

All three major private telecom players, Airtel, Jio and Vi, offer recharge plans with year-long validity in India. These plans cater not only to individuals looking for a one-time recharge, but also to those who want to save money in the process.

Here are some of the best annual recharge plans offered by Airtel, Jio and Vi that are economical:

Airtel’s ₹ 1,799 annual plan

This plan is best suited for people who have a broadband connection and do not use large amounts of mobile data. With 365 days validity, Airtel’s ₹ 1,799 prepaid plan offers unlimited calling, 3600 messages and 24 GB data on any network. It is to be noted that the allotted 24 GB data is for a whole year. While there is a cap of 100 SMS/day, there is no data cap and the plan also offers free Hello Tunes and Wink Music free subscription for one year.

If you want an annual plan with more data, you can get a daily 2GB 4G data limit of ₹. 2,999 plan can be selected. It also has all other similar benefits of Airtel’s cheapest annual plan.

Jio’s ₹ 2,879 annual plan

Jio’s most affordable annual price is ₹ 2,879 with 365 days validity and offers 2 GB 4G data cap per day with additional benefits like unlimited calling and access to services like JioCinema and JioTV. Additionally, 5G smartphone users can experience unlimited 5G data with this plan. You can also spend a little more and with a daily 4G data limit of 2.5GB Jio’s ₹ . 2,999-priced annual plan.

Jio’s second plan is available for Rs 2,545. While it falls under the annual plan category, it offers 336 days validity and a daily 1.5 GB 4G data cap. Logically, this is the cheapest annual plan offered by Jio.

Vi’s ₹1,799 annual plan

Vi also offers an affordable annual plan that is similar to Airtel and offers 24 GB 4G data and unlimited calling for Rs 1,799. Similarly, the next best annual plan from Vodafone Idea is priced at ₹ 2,899 and offers 1.5 GB of 4G data per day, 100 SMS/day, unlimited calling and access to Vi movies and TV apps.

The plan also offers unlimited data access from 12 midnight to 6 am for both downloading and streaming. Currently, Vi is also offering an additional 50 GB of 4G data and also supports weekend data rollover, where unused data from Monday to Friday will be carried over to Saturday and Sunday.