Feriano JX: The Bourgeois Vibe

Feriano JX: The Bourgeois Vibe

Feriano JX is a French-Cameroonian artist poised to bring a new & refreshing sound to American Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop. Drawing on cultural influences from his native, Feriano boasts an ear-friendly yet edgy discography: Feel It, Bourgeois Vibe, and Night Fall. Each suggests a versatility in Feriano’s artistry, bringing elements of Hip Hop, Pop, Soul, and even Rock.

‘Feel It’ gives us futuristic feels with bold synths and positive vibes, ‘Bourgeois Vibe’ plays like a underground, yet known and loved French rap song, and “Night Fall” shows us an edgier, more unapologetic side to Feriano and gives us a first listen at his lyrical and melodic potential. To our surprise, we even hear a bit of rock influence in this track and it seems the world is here for it too with over 40,000 streams on “Nightfall” alone.

Blending these genres and specific cultural influences leaves us with much to look forward to in (hopefully, near) future releases. Similar to the likes of many of today’s favorite artists, Feriano’s competitive edge lies in his unique sound and ability to marry genres in a natural yet fitting way. We just don’t see this enough with many new, up and coming artists because many fear to take the risk, not realizing that the world audience is ready for a change.

As the music industry and trends continue to grow and evolve over time, listeners are sure to be in search of a new & different sound to identify with. We’ve seen this many times over at moments when we least expected. Feriano makes us hopeful for this cultural shift by leaving us wanting more; each of his tracks are short but certainly sweet with none over two minutes and forty five seconds. Our only critique is more and more very soon.

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