Gujarat: Man Electrocuted Trying To Save Pigeon, Entangled in Power Lines, in Aravalli District (Watch Video)

Gandhinagar, June 10: A thirty five-year-old man in Malpur village in Aravalli district of was electrocuted while trying to free a entangled in the power lines. The video of the tragic incident soon went viral on the social media. The local police has registered an accidental death case and is investigating.

A got stuck in the power lines in the marketplace of Malpur village in Bayas Tehsil of Aravalli district in on Thursday afternoon. The people at the busy place watched the writhing but couldn’t do anything. Uttar Pradesh: 4 Dead, 3 Injured Due To Electrocution At A Wedding Function In Sitapur.

Watch: Gujarat: Man Electrocuted Trying To Save

A labourer named Dilipbhai Vaghela (35), father of three children, saw this and decided to free the bird. But as he couldn’t find a long wooden pole, he tied a short wooden stick to another iron rod and climbed the light pole. As he tried to disentangle the bird, the wooden stick touched a live wire, instantly electrocuting him. Dilip instantly fell down and hit the ground head first.

Within moments and before the arrival of an ambulance, Dilip died leaving behind a bereaved family of four. The entire incident was recorded on a cellphone by a passerby, which went viral on the social media on Thursday.

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