How Conspiraci, The ‘Yelp’ of Prisons, Helps Inmates Like Never Before

Inmates, just like free citizens, have rights. Despite incarceration, they deserve to live the best lives they could.

Rehabilitative efforts must start within the confines of prison. However, not every inmate is given this opportunity. Some were incarcerated, got out of prison, and get incarcerated again because they’re never given a chance.

This is where Conspiraci comes in. Conspiraci has been helping thousands of inmates (current and former) get a second chance in life.

Founded by Jared Claybrook and Jorge Hurtado, Conspiraci is the first of its kind. Claybrook is a security operations officer while Hurtado is a wildland firefighter.

Claybrook believes that everyone has a story to tell. For him, circumstances should never limit someone’s ability to tell their side of the story. Those behind bars deserve to speak their peace and give raw accounts of what happens inside a correctional facility.

Hurtado, a former Navy member who spent 12 hours in a county jail because of a DUI incident, knew firsthand how difficult it was to ask for help while in prison. This experience opened his eyes and made him an advocate for inmates.

With a passion for helping those who can’t help themselves, Claybrook and Hurtado founded Conspiraci in 2018. Fast forward to 2021, Conspiraci now involves over 800 facilities― from juvenile centers to federal prisons.

Aiming to assist both former and current inmates, Conspiraci bridges them to various opportunities. For starters, Conspiraci lets the voices of former inmates and current inmates’ family members be heard. In particular, they can add listings and rate the prison system. Former inmates can talk about their experiences. Meanwhile, current inmates can express their views about their situation in prison. Others can then see these listings and reviews.

Conspiraci also working to provide valuable resources for inmates. These resources would include providing information about housing, re-entry, and other rehabilitation programs that can help inmates and their families recover. These resources can also help inmates settle their cases. By doing this, Conspiraci helps them get a just verdict.

Additionally, Conspiraci is working on connecting various organizations to former and current inmates. These include employment service providers and law services. By doing these, Conspiraci would address two major pain points of the incarcerated― getting a job and legal assistance.

Conspiraci will be the light that guides inmates to better lives after prison. Thanks to this revolutionary system, the helpless are now getting help.

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