‘How Limitless Creative Co. Has Built the Client Roster They’ve Always Wanted’

Limitless Co. is a multicultural agency, based out of Chicago, Illinois, which specializes in providing strategic marketing, branding and production. 

Since their inception in 2013, Limitless Creative has successfully produced digital campaigns for a host of Fortune500 clients and brands such as Nike, Jordan, Rakuten, Verizon and Lacoste. Furthermore, Limitless has dedicated itself to investing in the company’s development internally. 

The practice of over-servicing clients has enabled Limitless to gain the trust and reputation as a strategic and creative team with a vested interest in the affairs of their clients. This admirable quality has led them to develop strong working relationships across several industries including sports, music, film, tech, wellness, and lifestyle. 

The diversity and uniqueness of its team members has enabled Limitless to develop and present designs, concepts, and strategic approaches that reflect the values of audiences from diverse communities and cultures. This holistic approach has captured the attention of clients worldwide and continues to further the growth of the agency through 2021 as live events and community gatherings gear up towards re-opening. 

Over the past six years, Limitless has focused on three main areas that are essential towards the building of meaningful client relationships and satisfaction. 

Nurturing The Client Relationship

All of their clients carry high expectations. Limitless continues to live up to those expectations by utilizing unconventional approaches, over-servicing clients and providing an exceptionally high degree of work. They view themselves as problem solvers and consultants with readily available access to knowledge bases for what is currently trending and on the horizon. 

Keep in Tune with the Changing Needs of Your Clients 

At Limitless they understand that maintaining long-lasting client relationships depend on being aware of the future goals of their clients. They assist in analyzing the fluid needs of consumers, in order to identify marketing niches and to develop strategies to fill them. They continually maintain regular conversations with their clients in order to develop long range, strategic marketing approaches collectively. 

For example, the and Olympics are on the North American horizon for 2026 and 2028 respectively. They are already strategizing with their clients to ensure that all upcoming marketing decisions are geared towards building a strong business presence for these two important events. 

Maintaining a competitive advantage by utilizing the latest technologies

Any agency can have the newest tools and digital technologies at their disposal. However, Limitless stands apart by utilizing these tools creatively in conjunction with a strong understanding of human behaviours, cultural nuances, and broader social sciences. In order to promote client satisfaction and success, they utilize a variety of tools that can include social listening platforms, data mining, research and the referencing of peer-reviewed publications. They combine all these tools to deliver targeted and effective results for their clients in order to secure maximum ROI by creating campaigns that are authentic for the audience.

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