How Rami Saidi Turned Ecocor Construction Into a Multi Awarded Design/ Construction Company

The world of real estate has created businesses and individuals alike who are bound to find unique ways to be at the forefront of its industry simply by knowing how and when to strike. Award-winning construction and renovation expert Rami Saidi has already taken it upon himself and focused on renovation and construction services through his Ecocor Construction company. Ecocor works closely with property owners to help them in transforming their real estate truthfully while meeting their desired expectations.

 The company offers both residential and commercial design and construction services that not only fulfill their client’s needs but can also blend with their experience to meet their taste and improve quality of life. In a short span of time, Saidi turned Ecocor construction into a multi-awarded design/ construction company. Under his leadership, Ecocor Construction has received the GTA Consumer Choice award in Construction Consulting and Management, Top Choice Awards, Best of Homestars, Best of Houzz, and Top Three Rated Homebuilders awards for consecutive years. 

His mission is to create services that are affordable and accessible for everyone. From working for other professional construction companies to owning his own, Rami Saidi has come a long way. What sets Saidi apart from others is his strive to fulfill his client’s needs in an accessible and affordable manner. Ecocor, unlike conventional contractors, has a network of tradesmen and specialty service providers that can help with any renovation project.

Saidi understands that remodeling home projects takes time and patience, and along with homeowners, he recognizes the feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, and potentially higher home values that come with it. He has created a huge client base by just word of mouth by delivering excellence in home renovation, washroom innovation, kitchen renovation, home additions, and custom home build.

Saidi has a background in Civil Engineering and also completed a Project Management Professional Certification. A curious blend of passion, ambition, and entrepreneurship fuels Saidi’s busy lifestyle. He has been able to quickly establish himself as one of the premier real estate experts in Canada, who can be blindly trusted for real estate flipping and custom homes. He has transformed several properties for his clients through his unique innovative ideas and designs and has delivered them a product that they can enjoy for many years.

When speaking on his transition from design to build, Rami Saidi shared, ”Throughout his career, has worked for a number of professional construction firms.” He discovered that for most companies, profits are actually more important to them than the desires and satisfaction of customers. As a result, he decided to start his own business with a mission to ensure that everybody has a positive experience that exceeds their expectations, their taste, and that can improve their quality of life!

The Ecocor team carefully understands homeowners and the local real estate market that can identify which home renovations improve quality of life with uttermost satisfaction. Saidi focuses on attention to the needs and concerns of the people he serves and solves problems of his team through an effective collaboration to achieve the vision they have set initially.

The more you like your work, the more unique it makes you. This is what has attracted homeowners and real estate investors, and property owners to reach out to Rami Saidi, who can understand that every home is unique. He is in charge of all daily activities around his business that motivates his team to achieve what they have envisioned for their clients. His attention to detail makes the difference between an average renovation and stunning innovation.

His vision has made Ecocor Construction a team of award-winning renovation contractors serving Toronto, Mississauga, and the GTA. They are named as one of the top renovation firms, that offers both residential and industrial design and construction services.

Rami Saidi is certainly one to follow in 2021 and into the future. As the real estate climate continues to evolve, it is clear that it will require initiative and hard work from those who wish to stay on top. One thing is for sure, however the space changes, it is certain that Rami Saidi will be there, leading the charge.

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