How Sarvesh Shrivastava Is Leading India’s Digital Revolution With SEO

Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do! And not many people have a journey worthy enough to inspire others, except a few!

One such awesome journey of dedication, hard work, and thinking outside of the box is of Sarvesh Shrivastava, an entrepreneur from a small town in Bihar. 

Starting from a very young age, Sarvesh has been able to create multiple blogs that generate monthly revenues in lakhs and has been able to sell these businesses to investors. 

In an interview, Sarvesh says, “Since childhood, I had a deep interest in how the Internet works and the limitless possibilities it had. And with Jio bringing in the digital revolution in India, the penetration of the Internet has grown multiple folds.” 

However, it’s very important to realize how one can utilize the Internet to do something productive rather than just spending time on social media.

“Search Engine optimization is a very crucial skill to have these days in Digital marketing. With more sites being launched every day than ever before, it’s the SEO that differentiates a successful site from a site with no attraction.”, says Sarvesh. 

Sarvesh’s first taste of success with SEO was when he ranked a new site for a 10 million search volume keyword, which in turn generated over five figures of revenue per month for him. This success was one of the many to come for Sarvesh.

“Combine blogging with SEO and it is one the most lucrative businesses out there. There is no upper limit on how much one can earn with this, unlike a day job. Moreover, it’s even liberating to understand that you are not answerable to anyone, rather you are your own boss.” Sarvesh said.

“However, one of the main issues I see with new bloggers is their focus is on money instead of thinking about providing value to their readers. As a blogger and SEO, our job should be to make the Internet a better version of itself by adding value to the life of the readers by either helping them in making a purchase decision or in getting information on a particular topic,” added Sarvesh.

“Although making money through SEO is not tough, it is initially a complex task to earn as much money as in a full-time job. But once you master SEO, you can generate recurrent revenues that are higher than the salary from a day job. I have witnessed a number of people having this experience.”, Sarvesh added.

Anything in life worth having indeed comes from patience and hard work and entrepreneurs like Sarvesh Shrivastava are a clear example of how one can write his destiny in today’s digital world. With the Internet being so powerful, there are endless opportunities if one decides to get out of their comfort zone and experiment just like Sarvesh did.

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