International Women’s Day 2021: From Breaking the Chain of Sexist Jokes to Standing up for Gender Pay Parity, Simple Ways Men Can Make the Day ‘Special’ Instead of Looking Up ‘When Is Men’s Day?’

“How to make Women’s Day Special?”- men often wonder. Eager to find out ways to make March 8 enjoyable for the important females in their lives, men do really sweet things. However, I’m sure most women will agree when I say that we’re done with flowers, chocolates & surprises (although, a little won’t hurt *grins*). BUT FR, as cliche as it may sound, what we really want is equality.  Now, the term “gender equality” may seem like a vague phrase, making you go “oh, not the whole ‘feminism’ thing again!” BUT in complete honesty, even a small act towards making this world a better place for us can turn out be quite a big deal for us and enough to make our women’s day really special (asking as a friend, no strings attached, boys). But jokes aside, on women’s day, many men also end up looking up for “When is men’s day?”. Yes, believe it or not, the most-searched query on International Women’s Day is “When is men’s day?” So instead of doing that, here are 5 simple ways men can celebrate women’s day in the REAL SENSE without spending a dime!

Break The Chain of Sexist Jokes

If you are still forwarding jokes that present women as a devil you are married to and can’t get away from, the 90s called and they want their regressive humour(barely) BACK! It wasn’t appropriate then, and it is inappropriate now. We aren’t even asking you to sit in a protest of some sort. Just don’t share them further. Know why you aren’t doing it and spread the “wokeness” when asked. TIA.

Stand Up For Pay Parity

We’re asking because you as men are involved in this. While working women are fighting against this almost every day, you can do your bit by just standing up for it. A survey has revealed that the median gross hourly salary for men in India in 2018 was ₹242.49, while ₹196.3 for women. Yes, men earned ₹46.19 more than women. Does it feel good, men?!

Do Not Mansplain

Let us ask you if we need help speaking up for ourselves BUT until then, we kinda have it covered, people. Mansplaining doesn’t just take away our voices BUT also jeopardises our confidence, big time. We are not asking you to back us up, just let us do out thing.

Credit Where It Is Due

No, we didn’t get that promotion because of our blo***b skills (we’re way beyond anyone’s league, Mr). We got it because we deserved every bit of it. It is ok to give women the credit they deserve.

We Are Good Without The Unsolicited Di*k Pics

We really cannot stress this enough! If we need one, we’ll ask for it. You don’t just ruin our mood, but also anger us beyond our control. All we wanted was a good Instagram reel scrolling for hours, do not make us throw up with that unsolicited di*k pic.

Well, that is just five amongst innumerable other ways you can make a woman around you feel normal (not special) on Women’s day. Ditch the cakes, just don’t make our lives harder and every day for us will be women’s day.



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