Living the Life He Has Dreamt of, Pete Costanti

Pete Costanti the leading entrepreneur is from Bellingham, Washington and runs MFGR designs. He has worked in various industries, from commercial fishing, berry picking, pizza delivery, to carpentry, REI sales and bussing tables.

Pete’s success was persistence, taking chances, and not being afraid of the outcome. He also always puts himself around like-minded people to thrive in an environment he knew would be supportive.

Here is what Pete has done differently

Pete made a name for himself by networking and working insanely hard. 20 years ago, when he was building his network, it was all about who he knew, “so many people we know can open up doors for us.” Obstacles came along with just being in a small town in Montana and wanting to compete in bigger places. He had to convince people that he and his team were more than just ski bums. Pete also loves to diversify his business ventures, which he understands can cause complications, but it’s always worth it because he loves it.

What inspired Pete for where he is today

Something unique that inspired Pete was that he always had a fall back plan he was never afraid to succumb to. “My fall back has always been to make tacos on a beach in Mexico– so if I have a cool fall back, then failure becomes less scary. Tacos and surfing feel like a win, so failure becomes a success of sorts.” At the same time, this helps motivate him and keep him positive and ever-present in the work he is so passionate about.

Pete’s goals for 2021

Pete says, “I want to project the fact that we are a reputable furniture and architecture firm pushing the boundaries in design firm culture while also finding solutions for a massive scale of diverse work.” Pete also mentioned that he would love to delve into more architecture projects and evolve into more of an architecture firm. He wants to continue to be a diverse firm that offers production lines, custom pieces, and architecture while at the same time illuminating the collective and individual sides of each of these elements

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