Matt James Hersh’s Journey to Becoming a Prosperous Coach

Matt James Hersh is a business coach and consultant who helps experts design, launch, and sell high value coaching programs and courses. Matt says, “I believe in a world where every human has the freedom to explore, express, and excel in any facet of life they choose”. Through his program, Impact Accelerator, he helps his clients to align with their vision of the future, and from there helps them create their mission, model, and to create a high-impact business to drive toward their vision.

Matt opened up about his journey that led him to becoming the coach that he is today. Currently, he loves what he does and truly feels like he’s built the business of his dreams, but that’s the opposite of where he was four years ago. Four years ago, Matt had just received a Master of Engineering Management degree from Dartmouth College, an Ivy League university. He pivoted from bioengineering at the start of his professional career and went on to work for a prestigious corporate consulting company in Boston. There, he gained expertise doing strategy consulting and solving some of the most difficult problems in the industry. Matt knew that his time in corporate would be a short-term learning experience. At that time, one of the most unexpected but important realizations was how much he valued his own health, freedom, and how badly he wanted to make a big impact on the world.

Matt shortly realized he was ready to leave the corporate world behind and dive into exploring his passions and creating a bigger impact. He wanted to create a business combining his passion for long-term health and performance, and his skillset of strategy consulting. He went to a Tony Robbins event to get back into alignment, and that’s when he explained everything shifted. He realized, “I was thinking of career stepping stones and needed to leap into creating my ultimate business in a way that would allow me to live an unlimited life.”

He wrapped up his story and unique skill set into a program that would help clients overcome the biggest limiters holding them back and achieve the life they wanted to live. Matt’s goal was and is impact – but as he says, “Income is a byproduct of impact,” and he was excited to see his company reach 6-figures in month eleven. He is on track to creating a 7-figure business.

We are inspired by Matt’s journey that has brought him to where he is today. We wish him luck as he continues to deliver a life-changing impact to his clients and lead them to living lives that they love, all while living a life that he loves.

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