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Meet the boxer from France that is often mistaken for a model! Ambrine Zitouni 19 years old from Toulouse France, a member of the French National team and aspiring Olympic champion, she’s a three time champion of France and two times regional champion, she comes from a family of boxers and she carries a strong belief and morals regarding women in sport and equality! 

She shared with Sal Jobe, renowned sports agent, I want to fight for women, I want to show the world women deserve to be great boxers to that real the same rewards as men, but don’t take her raw beauty for granted, with more than 40 amateur fights and more than 70% of those being wins she’s definitely not one to be taken lightly, with an amazing future ahead of her ambrine intends to take on the Olympics after qualification and then turn over to the professional ranks. 

She’s currently training for the world championships that take place next month in April, currently being looked after by Sal and Dean under NLC and Oliver ward under first access sports through their partnership.

She clearly has a solid team of experts around her already which can only increase her chances of success, currently training hard everyday and pushing herself to the limit, there’s no doubt Ambrine will be fully equipped to take on any opponent that comes her way.

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