Meet Sujoy Dhar – The Go-To Man For All Of Your IT Needs

The IT industry is quite in demand these days and if someone from that sector too is in demand, then it is blogger and IT services provider Sujoy Dhar. We’re sure that’s one name to be reckoned with, given how his services have not only earned him name, fame and money, but have also helped him gain happy clients all over the world. From blogging and imparting knowledge, to providing his clients with all kinds of services in the IT sector, Sujoy Dhar has you covered.

There is no sad story behind Sujoy’s rise to prominence in the field of IT and computers. All that you get to learn from Sujoy Dhar’s tale of success is that he was relentless in attaining his goal. Well, while some will call it being over-ambitious, we could say he is successful.

Sujoy started his blog in 2009 when blogging really wasn’t a major career path. However, it was what Sujoy wanted to pursue and so he did. You can read his blog on WideInfo where he writes about a variety of topics, all based on IT. In fact, one look at his blog and it appears like you will find all solutions of IT related issues there.

While he started off on his dream venture, Sujoy did not stop his learning process. He went on to learn and has mastered a lot of other web design languages and today, is an expert in Cpanel Server Administrator, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, Web design, Blogging, Backlink Builder, Optimizer and his latest venture is a Facebook Multiposter.

Sujoy’s business is highly successful and he credits his employees for working hard for him. His website reads that he loves spending his time gossiping with his team members. Well, it sure seems like it’s all about work, work and work for Sujoy… well, hard-work.

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