Mobile Usage Stats, Trends & Facts You Should Know

There have been many technological breakthroughs in the last several years, but we can safely say that the smartphone’s creation changed the world. Although it wasn’t as popular when it was first released back in 1992, once the first iPhone was revealed in 2007, smartphones became the most popular device globally.

There are sources such as this site that claim there are over 3.8 billion smartphone users worldwide right now. What’s even more impressive is that by 2024, there should be around 7 billion mobile users.

There is an app for everything

Our smartphones can do a lot more things besides making phone calls. Unlike a few years ago, both Android and iOS have millions of applications on their official stores. Consequently, users can find various apps for almost everything they can think of.

Even though most apps are used for fun, there are many useful things that you can download from Google Play and the App Store that will make your everyday life a lot easier. Some apps allow you to organize your schedule, whereas others give you the opportunity to work even if you are on the go.

How much data do we need to use our smartphones?

Nowadays, our mobile devices use a lot of data. While it’s true there are numerous Wi-Fi hotspots in most countries around the world, some people don’t have the opportunity to use them all the time. As a result, they have to make the most of their 4G and 5G network.

According to some stats, in 2014, people used an average of 1 GB of data per month. Nowadays, this number has sky-rocketed to over 12 GB. Once the 5G network becomes widely available, this number will probably increase even more.

Keep in mind that the data-usage depends on what you do with your device. Needless to say, watching HD videos requires a lot more data than sending texts.

A few interesting facts about smartphones

Besides the average data usage of each smartphone user, there are a few interesting facts about smartphones that you probably haven’t heard of. For example, did you know that people swipe and tap their device around 2600 times every day? This number might seem shocking at first, but since almost every app sends different types of notifications, it does make sense.

Another interesting fact is that the country with the most smartphone users worldwide is China. Even though nearly 80% of the U.S. population has access to a smartphone (according to some sources), more than 851M Chinese have a mobile device.

The last fact we want to point out is that Apple is no longer the second-largest phone company in the world. Following the 2020 Q3 report, the American brand has a market share of 11%. The leader in this department is Samsung because they have more than 22%. In other words, nearly one out of five smartphones in the entire world are made by this company, which is impressive.

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