NIFT Student Pratyaksha Majhe From Bhopal Designs Movable Toilet for COVID-19 Patients on Oxygen Support

Bhopal, May 31: When the COVID-19 outbreak crippled the country, Pratyaksha Majhe, a National Institute of Fashion Technology student from Bhopal has stepped forward to do her bit against the pandemic by designing a movable toilet for patients infected with the virus.

Speaking to ANI, Pratyaksha said, “I have designed this movable toilet for patients who are on oxygen support as it can be kept in the ward. It is easy to use and of the same size as a wheelchair.” “This moving toilet will be helpful for hospitalised patients. I have decided to donate this toilet to hospitals,” she added. Uttar Pradesh: Man Booked in Amethi for Seeking Oxygen Support on Social Media.

Pratyaksha decided to develop the moving toilet after her uncle Rajesh Majhe was admitted to a hospital for several days after testing COVID positive, where he faced difficulty while moving to the toilet again and again as it was located at some distance.

“My uncle contracted COVID and was on oxygen support. He was facing difficulty in using the toilet in the hospital. I discussed this with my father and then we came up with the idea to create this toilet. Its tank needs to be cleaned after 5-6 times of usage,” she said.

Sharing his experience, Rajesh said: “I was kept on oxygen, even my family members were unable to do anything because they were also quarantined in the house, but when I told my niece about my problem, she came with this idea. With the help of her father who is an engineer, she has designed this moving toilet which is similar to the size of a wheelchair.”

Further explaining the design and functioning of the moving toilet, Pratyaksha said it has 80-litre water tank, a 100-litre bottom tank for wastage and a western toilet seat.

“This toilet is covered from all four sides. Around Rs 25,000 were spent to developed it,” she added. Meanwhile, Pratyaksha’s proud father Brijesh Majhe, who assisted her in designing this toilet, is happy with the efforts of his daughter.

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