Overgear Explores New Reality Tools

The Overgear gaming company helps players all over the world achieve their gaming goals, learn, and have the best possible experience in online games.

Having attended several major global virtual events in 2020/21, including the latest Collision Startup Stage, Overgear decided to share some insights, opportunities, and conclusions they have drawn from this experience. The main focus is on the innovative event software — mobile and web apps — that three different platforms use to enhance the participant experience.

Over the past year, the events industry has been adopting virtual meeting formats — and today you can attend global conferences from the comfort of your home. Virtual events mean no borders to worry about, which gives you a chance to network with industry professionals from around the world. 

Representing a fundamentally new approach to knowledge exchange, online events are safe, healthy, and no less fun — especially when using the right event technology, as has been showcased by the Collision, EMERGE, and GamesBeat conferences.

How do they do it? The answer is thoughtful planning, excellent content, amazing speakers, and, surely, the one thing we’re going to briefly look at in this article — their specialized software.

We have highlighted some key advantages of the event applications we tried while participating in the GamesBeat, EMERGE, and Collusion online conferences.

Some general features:

  • Event apps raise event awareness and make the event more globalized.
  • Thanks to event software, you can create online meetings and chat with speakers you are especially interested in.
  • You get the opportunity for networking with speakers and investors.
  • The app sends you notifications to remind you about the upcoming meetings.


The best thing about EMERGE is that you can book an individual mentorship session via the app. If you are a STARTUP or PRO ticket holder, you can schedule 1-on-1 mentorship sessions with investors or speakers in just 3 simple steps.

From the list of mentors, select the one you want to have a session with and click on the link to schedule a meeting. 

Choose a time slot that suits you. 

On the scheduled date, you will have a limited amount of time for the session, so it is better to prepare your questions beforehand.


The Collision app gives you an amazing opportunity to watch the most interesting pitches of Collision Startup participants, connect and chat with the event speakers and experts.


The GamesBeat virtual meeting rooms hold up to 50 people, with up to 12 active video participants displayed on the screen at a time. Besides, GamesBeat delivers relevant recommendations to users thanks to their powerful AI and ML technologies.

To conclude, all three platforms have their unique features that work great for increasing awareness among the audience and offer global networking opportunities — a new way of participating in important industry events that is both exciting and promising.

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