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Sunny Hinduja Looks Back at His Journey So Far, Says ‘My Achievements Are the Result of a Decade-Long Struggle’

Sunny Hinduja Looks Back at His Journey So Far, Says ‘My Achievements Are the Result of a Decade-Long Struggle’

With four released projects and one film in the pipeline, actor Sunny Hinduja has made his place in the business of entertainment. As the actor celebrates his birthday in Goa on Thursday, looking back at his journey so far, he says his success is the result of a decade-long struggle. In conversation with IANS, Sunny said, “I think everyone, who is coming from outside to make big in the industry deals with a fair share of struggle. My current achievement is the result of decade-long struggle. But I do not want to talk about how many times I got rejected in auditions before I got selected. Shehzada: Sunny Hinduja Poses With the Clapperboard as He Joins Cast of Kartik Aaryan, Kriti Sanon’s Upcoming Film.

“Rejection is the part of the process…when you are new, is only natural for people to or not consider you initially, they do not know you. But that is okay, it is about eventually what happens to you. I have a lot of gratitude for everything that happened to me eventually.” This year the actor is seen in web series like ‘Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare’, ‘Aspirants’, ‘The Family Man’ and ‘Inside Edge’ and a web film ‘Jamun’. TVF Aspirants Actor Sunny Hinduja Feels Success and Fame Shouldn’t Overwhelm Us.

Asked about choosing one of the inspirational on-screen characters from his work so far and Sunny said, “I would say the character of ‘Sandeep bhaiya’ from the web series called ‘Aspirants’. You know when the show was released our country was going through the second wave of the pandemic. People, especially youngsters were losing hope…there is nothing more dangerous than losing hope for a human being.

“Anxiety, depression and other mental health issues follow after that. I think our show was a hope and my character Sandeep bhaiya was a very positive, inspirational man. I got a lot of from young audiences for that.” While the OTT platforms have given life to the careers of many actors, in last two years we have seen the space has become competitive also.

Talking about how he looks at reality, Sunny said, “Yes is true that earlier we used to say that in our country we have a lot of talent but in last two years, with the number of shows and films released on OTT platforms, all the talents are visible. So the competition has optimised, but so have the opportunities. Perhaps that is why I or all the budding talents are not worried about the competition. I think as long as we are getting work, good stories are told, good scripts are written – we are happy.”

So, what is the next project Sunny will be seen in? “I have signed three projects but honestly speaking, I will only be able to speak about the film called ‘Shehzada’. is a film directed by Rohit Dhawan, produced by T-Series and Allu Arjun Films. The film is featuring Kartik Aryan, Paresh Rawal saab and Manisha (Koirala) maam. It is a superb cast and I am playing an interesting character in that. The shooting of the film is already has started and I will join them soon,” he signed off.

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