VulcanVerse Observed a Significant Growth With Its Launch in the Online Gaming World

VulcanVerse Observed a Significant Growth With Its Launch in the Online Gaming World

VulcanVerse, a decentralised gaming platform, made its debut in the online gaming market a few months ago. The blockchain gaming platform has seen a significant increase in users and token sales. As a result of its success, the platform is today regarded as a forerunner in the field of NFT-based gaming. This sector has recently witnessed a significant increase in demand, resulting in a wider NFT-mania that swept the cryptocurrency industry earlier this year.

VulcanVerse intended to utilise the increasing interest in online gaming into adoption for their when they decided to enter the online gaming market. Vulcan Forged, their initiative, created multiple interfaces with several blockchain-based sites, such as Polygon to make this happen.

Not so long ago, PYR successfully concluded a token sale, resulting in a threefold rise in the platform’s marketplace, Vulcan Marketplace, from $5 million to $15 million. The cryptocurrency exchange, which allows users to trade NFTs used in fantasy games, is currently one of the top five NFT exchanges.

The VulcanVerse is home to Vulcanites, NFT-based creatures. Each Vulcanite is one-of-a-kind, with custom mythology and upgradeable skills. They can be utilised to gather resources, contest exclusive NFTs during treasure hunts, or participate in community-led mini-games and side-quests. They provide perks to their users and help them level up to balance world- and engagement, but they cannot be used to harm others.

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