What Is Moonlighting? Why Is Everyone Talking About It? Know Everything About the Practice Adopted Widely by Employees During Work From Home Culture

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Delhi, September 29: A recent move by Wipro which sacked 300 employees for moonlighting is making headlines in India. In the recent past term like Moonlighting have emerged  and are being discussed around the world. Recent reports say that employees across the world are actively engaging in the practice without even being aware of their existence.

Wipro’s Rishad Premji termed Moonlighting as equal to “cheating.” But Moonlighting has sparked debate, polarising opinions. Experts are of the view that staff’s gradual return to office floors will ease the concerns. Wipro Terminates 300 Employees for Moonlighting With Rival Firms

What Is Moonlighting A Job? What Does Moonlighting Mean in Business?

In simpler terms, “moonlighting” refers to doing secondary jobs in addition to one’s regular job typically without the employer’s knowledge. This phrase is used to describe the practice of working for other companies while dedicating oneself to one’s primary workplace. It is usually the side jobs taken in the night or on the weekends. TCS Says No More Work From Home; Employees Asked To Come to Office Three Days a Week

It generally becomes an issue if an employee has not disclosed their additional employment or it becomes a conflict of interest for the employers business. Also working at too many places will result in less sleep and divided attention meaning that the performance at the full-time job may slip leading to productivity issues.


Why Is Moonlighting Trending?

The term gained momentum after Wipro fired 300 employees for working for rivals without information. Rishad Premji said the company had found its 300 employees worked with one of its competitors at the same time, and added that action was taken in such cases by terminating their services. He went on to term it as cheating by employees.


Why Is Moonlighting Not Allowed? Why Are Companies Against It?

The IT industry has seen several debates around moonlighting with polarising views and questions around legality and morality. Companies might have to be extra cautious to protect proprietary information and operating models, especially where employees are working remotely, industry watchers believe. Employers may also take a tougher stance on exclusivity clauses in employment contracts.

However, not all companies are against the practice. Swiggy, last month, launched an industry-first ‘Moonlighting policy’ for its employees. Fintech unicorn Cred was reported to have said that it encourages moonlighting if employees desire to have side incomes.

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