Congress slams BJP govt over rising road accident in Goa

Panaji, Feb 24 (AINS) Congress on Saturday slammed the BJP government for the rising road accidents and crimes across the state.

“In 2023, around 532 people lost their lives in road accidents. More than 2800 accidents occurred last year. On the eve of New Year, 98 road accidents occurred. The BJP government has not taken any measures to make things better,” AICC Media Incharge for Goa Harshad Sharma said while addressing a press conference in Congress House along with GPCC General Secretary Vijay Bhike and Virendra Shirodkar.

He said that in the first 16 days of February, nine people have lost their lives in road accidents and this is when the state is celebrating February as road safety month.

“This is a matter of grave concern,” Sharma said.

He said that there is no check on the speed of vehicles and the government has failed to provide safety.

Vijay Bhike said that the crime rate under the present government has also increased. “Rape, molestation, theft and drug activities have increased in the state. Still Chief Minister Pramod Sawant boasts of safety. Where is the safety?” he questioned.

He said that this government is busy in organising events and making money out of it.

“Youngsters are losing their lives due to road accidents but the Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho is giving irresponsible statements,” Bhike said.

He said that in the name of revenue, people are being looted. “Transport Minister should be sacked for not working in the interest of the public,” he said.

Bhike said that even ‘traffic signals’ are not working properly at many places and an insensitive government has turned a blind eye.




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