‘Rigid’ transfer policy: K’taka cops write to President seeking mercy killing

Bengaluru, Feb 24 (IANS) A section of Karnataka Police officers have reportedly written to President Draupadi Murmu seeking ‘mercy killing’ over the ‘rigid’ policy of the state government with regard to inter-district transfer of couples working in the police department.

A letter by the police to the President of India in this regard went viral on social media on Saturday. The names of the complainants have not been disclosed, as police officers are not supposed to raise such complaints because they can attract disciplinary action against them.

Citing a Supreme Court judgment and the Karnataka Civil Service Rules (KCSR), the letter claims that a couple in police service can carry out their duties in the same unit or in the same district.

It claims that for three years, transfer requests of police couples are not being obliged by successive governments.

“Due to work postings, we stay away from our parents, family members and children for 10 to 15 years. Not able to take care of our family members and children, we are leading a painful life. Many married couples’ relationships have reached the stage divorce,” the police personnel complained.

“As husband and wife are staying away, they are not able to have children even after five years of marriage. Other government departments are allowing couples to work in the same district. Peace and happiness have eluded us. Hence, we request you to allow us to end our lives through mercy killing,” the letter stated.

However, the police department is yet to issue an official statement on this issue.




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