IAF’s Sarang team enthralls crowd on culmination of Singapore Airshow

New Delhi, Feb 25 (IANS) As the Singapore Airshow drew to an end, the Sarang Helicopter Display Team of the Indian Air Force presented their last display for the event at the Changi Exhibition Centre on Sunday.

The IAF said that it was at this very venue that the Sarangs began their journey 20 years ago, when they performed their first public display as a three helicopter team for the Asian Aerospace Show in February 2004. Since then the Sarangs have graduated to a four helicopter display, and recently included a five helicopter display profile to their achievements.

Apart from thrilling aerobatics displays, nationally and internationally, the Sarang Team has also undertaken numerous HADR operations. The Team was at the forefront in Uttarakhand during the flash floods of 2013, wherein the Unit helicopters rescued close to 1,000 people and supplied 12 tonnes of relief material at altitudes in excess of 10,000 feet in inclement weather and hazardous terrain, the IAF said.

The Air Force said that the Unit has also been involved in providing succour to the people affected by floods in its area of responsibility from time to time, including the rescue and relief operations in Chennai, Dindigul, Tirupati and Nellore. In the recent past, the team was one of the first responders for HADR missions during Cyclone Okhi in December 2017, the devastating floods in Kerala in August 2018 and Tuticorin floods in December 2023.

The achievements of the Sarang Team are synonymous with the rapid strides of the Indian aviation industry, which has diversified into development and production of state of the art helicopters and fighters. In the near future, the country is also expected to produce its first transport aircraft, the C-295, the officials added.




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