India ready to tackle any threat on borders: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

New Delhi, March 7 (IANS) Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday said India has emerged as a militarily strong nation under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and was ready to give a befitting response to any threat on its borders.

Speaking at the NDTV Defence Summit, he said, “history shows that India has never been the first to attack any country, but if we face any threat on our borders the defence forces are fully prepared to tackle the situation with strong retaliatory action.”

The defence minister said that the morale of the country’s armed forces is very high and they are always fully prepared for war by land, air or sea. This is a must even at times of peace, he added.

“If anyone attacks India, our forces will respond strongly and give a befitting reply,” he added.

The defence minister’s response to a question came in the backdrop of the continuing tension with China in Ladakh, as well as the northeast.

He said that India was now a key global economic as well as strategic power and under the strong leadership of PM Modi the country was having a bigger say in global affairs.

“Other countries now listen to what India has to say,” the defence minister remarked.

In the future, India will not only emerge as a fully developed country (Viksit Bharat) but also a strong military power, he added.

The defence minister said the armed forces are the pride of the nation and the government was ready to do whatever is required to bolster morale and enhance respect for the soldiers.




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