UK envoy advocates promoting ‘living bridge’ links for women’s voices, roles

Chandigarh, March 8 (IANS) Advocating to promote the ‘living bridge’ links between India and the UK and in particular to highlight women’s voices and roles, British Deputy High Commissioner Caroline Rowett says she meets inspiring women and girls all the time as she travels in this region.

“There are too many inspiring women to choose from,” remarked Chandigarh’s first British woman Deputy High Commissioner on International Women’s Day.

“As a starter, there are 75 women in my book. In addition, I meet inspiring women and girls all the time as I travel in this region — playing cricket in rural Punjab; picking up waste in the Himalayas; rescuing and caring for animals; and working in rural health centres. The list is endless and I’m constantly inspired by those I meet working in challenging environments,” she told IANS.

The British Deputy High Commission, Chandigarh, last year commemorated the 75th year of Indian Independence by launching a book titled “75 years, 75 women, 75 words”.

The book highlights the exceptional contributions of women in strengthening the ‘living bridge’ between India and the UK.

Regarding 75 women, she told IANS that India’s 75th Independence anniversary offered a unique opportunity to give a voice to 75 women with links to “our two countries”.

“It was fascinating to read how they had blended and adapted two cultures to suit their lives and careers. And it was wonderful to bring these women together. There are so many opportunities to promote the ‘Living Bridge’ links between India and the UK and in particular, to highlight women’s voices and roles. I’m not yet sure what our next venture will be — but I’m open to ideas,” she added.

The coffee table launch event, held at the residence of Caroline Rowett, had brought together many of the remarkable women featured in the book, both in-person and virtually.

Advocating to adopt the principles of three ‘Rs’ — reduce, reuse and recycle, the Deputy High Commissioner, who donated personal items to the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation-run ‘RRR’ or ‘3R’ centre here, told IANS that the phrase three ‘Rs’ crops up often in conversations about how to be more environmentally friendly and how to live a ‘greener’ life.

“There are so many small things we can do to live a more sustainable life. Yesterday, I met international skier Aanchal Thakur and two representatives from Waste Warriors to discuss the impact of climate change on sports. Waste Warriors highlighted the importance of waste management and the role and responsibility of households in waste segregation,” she said.

“In Chandigarh, I have reduced my waste to a minimum by creating a wormery for vegetable peelings and composting all other food which is then used to fertilise my fruit and vegetable garden. I urge others to follow suit,” she added.

After completing his assignment as the UK’s Charge d’Affairs in Haiti, Caroline Rowett replaced Andrew Ayre, who completed his four-year tenure in February 2021.

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