‘This election is more than just a political contest’: Siddaramaiah on upcoming LS polls

Bengaluru, March 16 (IANS) Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Saturday said that the upcoming Lok Sabha elections are more than just a political contest, adding that the stage is set for a pivotal moment in the country’s journey.

“With the Election Commission unveiling the schedule for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the stage is set for a pivotal moment in our nation’s journey. The Congress party recognises that this election is more than just a political contest; it’s a pivotal moment for our democracy and for every Indian who seeks a future defined by prosperity, justice, and inclusivity,” the Karnataka Chief Minister said.

He said that that today, “our country faces significant challenges — the pain of price rises, the shadow of unemployment, and the distress of our farmers weigh heavily on the heart of our nation”.

“These are not just issues; they are the lived realities of millions, creating a sense of frustration and a longing for change.

“We approach these elections with a spirit of optimism and a commitment to the values that have long defined our party: guaranteed inclusivity, progress, and social justice,” CM Siddaramaiah said.

“Our campaign is grounded in a vision for a guaranteed future where every citizen has the guarantee of opportunity to thrive, supported by policies that ensure equitable growth, environmental sustainability, and empowerment for all,” he said, adding: “This election, let’s vote for hope, for change, for progress. Let’s vote for the Congress Guarantee.”




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