Fight between those who worship ‘Shakti’ and those who want to destroy it: PM (Lead)

Jagtial (Telangana), March 18 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that the Lok Sabha elections were a fight between those who want to destroy ‘Shakti’ and those who worship it.

Addressing a public meeting here, he alleged that INDIA bloc’s manifesto released in Mumbai on Sunday talked of finishing ‘Shakti.’

He said that every mother and every daughter is a form of ‘Shakti’ for him and that he worships them.

He declared that he accepts the challenge of the INDIA bloc to finish ‘Shakti’.

“I am a pujari of Bharat Maa. I am a pujari of ‘Shakti Swaroopa’ mothers, sisters and daughters,” he said and vowed to risk his life for their protection.

“Can somebody on the soil of India speak of finishing ‘Shakti’? Will you accept this? Don’t we do ‘aradhana’ of ‘Shakti’”, he asked.

The Prime Minister said that the nation dedicated the Chandrayaan’s success to ‘Shiv Shakti’ and the Opposition parties are talking of destroying ‘Shakti’.

Claiming that public support for the BJP was growing in Telangana, he exuded confidence that the people of the state would script history on May 13 and both Congress and BRS would be swept away by a BJP wave.

“This election will be for ‘Viksit Bharat’. When the country develops, Telangana will also develop,” he said.

Asserting that Telangana was not an ordinary land, PM Modi said its people fought against the British and also against the atrocities of Razakars.

He alleged that after Independence, Telangana had to bear political conspiracies.

“The Congress party shattered the dreams of Telangana. The BRS used the sentiments of the people to come to power and after coming to power betrayed them,” he said.

He alleged that for 10 years BRS looted Telangana and now the Congress has made Telangana its ‘ATM state’.

“The money looted from here goes to Delhi to the vaults of the ‘parivarvadi’. This money is used for funding lies and conspiracies of division,” he claimed.

He also alleged that since both Congress and BRS were involved in scams they were trying to shield each other.

He said that the Congress party which used to make allegations of corruption against BRS was now sitting on files relating to corruption of the previous government.

He stated that the Congress came to power in Telangana after making hundreds of promises but no one in BRS was asking why they were not being implemented.

“When scams of both the parties are investigated, they abuse Modi,” he said adding that the cover fire by the BRS and Congress will not last long and they will be held accountable for their deeds.

“This is Modi’s guarantee to the people of Telangana that I will not spare those who looted Telangana,” he said.

PM Modi alleged that dynastic parties came into politics only to loot the nation and they can’t do any good for the country and state.

He said that if one goes through the history of big scandals in the country, it will emerge that behind every scam there was a ‘parivarvadi’ party.

He mentioned the 2G scam of lakhs of crores allegedly involving the Congress and DMK, the National Herald scandal and Bofors kickbacks case allegedly involving the Gandhi family, Bihar’s fodder scam allegedly involving the RJD.

He said that Telangana was also the victim of corruption by ‘parivarvadi’ parties.

He said the BRS not only did the Kaleshwaram lift irrigation racket but was also involved in the Delhi liquor scam.

Appealing to the people of Telangana to give the maximum number of seats to the BJP, he said the elections will decide the destiny of the state and the country for the next five years.

Listing out the benefits given to the people of Telangana under the Centre’s schemes during the last 10 years, he said more seats to the BJP would speed up the process of the state’s development.

Union Minister and state BJP President, G Kishan Reddy, BJP candidate from Karimnagar, Bandi Sanjay Kumar and candidate from Nizamabad, D. Arvind also spoke at the event.



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