Skill development training mandatory for fireworks factory staff in TN dist

Chennai, Feb 21 (IANS) The Virudhunagar district administration has made it mandatory for all the firworks factories in the district to deploy their workers to undergoe a one-week intense skill development training at the Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health.

This is following reports that the presence of unskilled workers was leading to the regular firewlrks explosions in these factories and leading to death and grave burn injuries to workers.

It may be noted that Sivakasi, known as the fireworks capital of India, is in Virudhunagar district and has an annual turnover of Rs 6000 crores.

A few days before, 10 workers were killed while four others were grievously injured after an explosion in one of the prominent fireworks manufacturing factory in Sivakasi.

In the past five years from 2019-2024, 189 people have died in the fireworks factory explosions in Tamil Nadu.

While the skill training for workers of the fireworks factories has been mandatory for the renewal of licences, there has been callousness on the part of the factory management leading to such back-to-back tragic incidents.

In a order, Virudhunagar district collector, VP Jayaseelan has directed all the foremen, supervisiors and workers of the fireworks factories of the district to undergoe mandatory training.

The colllector has directed that notice will be served to a factory to send its employees for a one week free intensive skill training. If the factory management does not comply with the order, a second one would be served and the company will have to pay a fine of Rs 5000. An amount of Rs 10,000 would be levied as fine if the company does not respond to a third notice.

The licence of the said company would be revoked if it does not respond to a fourth notice.

It is to be noted that more than one lakh people work in the fireworks industry of Sivakasi and making these factories safe for the workers has now become a priority for the district administration and the state government.



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