Delhi excise scam: ED issues 7th summons to Kejriwal

New Delhi, Feb 21 (IANS) The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has issued seventh summons to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to appear before it in connection with the alleged excise policy scam, said the sources.

Kejriwal has been asked to appear before the financial probe agency on February 26, said the sources.

Earlier, on Monday, Kejriwal skipped the ED’s sixth summons in connection with the alleged excise policy scam.

According to AAP sources, summons were unconstitutional and currently, the validity of appearing before the ED is under scrutiny in court.

“Interestingly, the ED has taken the initiative to bring this matter to court themselves. Rather than persistently issuing summons, it is suggested that the ED await the court’s decision, thus allowing due legal process to unfold,” said the AAP sources.

Earlier, the ED on January 31, had issued summons to Kejriwal, and was told to appear before it on February 2. That was the fifth summons issued to the AAP Convenor. After Kejriwal ignored the fifth summons, the ED went to court.

The financial probe agency’s complaint alleged that Kejriwal intentionally did not want to obey the summons and kept on giving “lame excuses.”

“If a high-ranking public functionary like him disobeyed the law, it would set a wrong example for the common man i.e. the Aam Aadmi,” the agency said.



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