Jamalpur Railway Workshop creates history, commissions largest solar power plant of Indian Railways

Kolkata, March 11 (IANS) The 162-year-old Jamalpur Railway Workshop — the first ever full-fledged such facility in the country — has added yet another first to its name. It has commissioned the largest solar power plant among all workshops under Indian Railways.

With a capacity of 3.7 MWp, this is a significant move towards achieving the country’s renewable energy goals. This solar power plant — the largest at a single location anywhere under the Indian Railways — has come up through the Public Private Partnership mode on Net-Metering.

“This demonstrates Eastern Railway’s unwavering commitment towards sustainable energy practices. With a tariff set at an affordable rate of Rs 5.43/KWh, this initiative promises to revolutionise the way Eastern Railway generates electricity. Through this endeavour, an estimated 4,321 tonnes of carbon emissions will be neutralised annually. Furthermore, the solar power plant is projected to generate approximately 5.4 million units of electricity per year, resulting in substantial cost savings of approximately Rs 1.28 crore based on the SBPDCL tariff (as of April 2023),” said Kausik Mitra, CPRO, Eastern Railway.

The electrical department at Jamalpur Workshop officially connected the solar power plant to the state Discom (SBPDCL) at 33 KV recently, following requisite approvals from the Electrical Inspectorate General (EIG).

The newly commissioned solar plant is equipped with net metering facilities, enabling efficient energy management and contributing to the regional power grid. By harnessing the abundant solar resources available, Jamalpur Workshop is not only reducing its dependence on conventional energy sources but also setting a precedent for workshops nationwide.

“This accomplishment is a testament to our dedication towards sustainability and innovation in energy management. We believe that initiatives like these are vital steps towards a greener and more sustainable future for our railway operations,” Mitra added.




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