Resolution on caste survey is eyewash: BRS leader Kavitha

Hyderabad, Feb 17 (IANS) Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) leader K. Kavitha has termed as eyewash the resolution passed in Telangana Assembly for conducting caste census in the state.

She alleged that the resolution was moved by the Congress government with an eye on the Lok Sabha polls.

Stating that the government is not sincere in providing political reservation for OBCs, she asked why it did not bring a Bill for caste census.

“However, the Congress made the most insincere effort yesterday in the Assembly by placing the resolution. This shows the insincerity of the Congress government towards OBC sections. This is very unfortunate. The resolution is an eyewash. This won’t work. It will not stand anywhere in the court and it will not empower the government to conduct the survey,” she said.

The BRS leader said if the Congress government was sincere, it should bring a Bill in the Assembly on the lines of Bihar, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

The BRS MLC noted that there have been demands from across the country for caste census. She said the BRS completely supported the demand. She claimed that it was only after the demand from BRS and the pressure from people that the government passed a resolution.

“However, this will not solve the problem. It should bring the Bill, allocate budget and complete the entire process in a time-bound manner,” she said.

She mentioned that BRS and all other parties in the Assembly demanded from the government the Bill to conduct the census and assured their support for the same.

She alleged that instead of taking positive and concrete steps for development of people and government, the government was doing diversionary politics.

She said to divert attention from the demand for Bill instead of resolution, the government presented whitepaper on irrigation projects.

“They are not implementing the promises which they made. They are bringing something or the other as a diversionary tactic,” she said.



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